Fandom – A Global Entertainment Media |

What is the Wikia official website and how can I register for Fandom? On the contrary, the Fandom website was formally known as Wikia, it’s actually a wiki hosting services. Also, a domain which is designed by the famous Fandom, Inc. However, the founder of the hosting services is Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley in October 2004. Fandom makes use of an open-source (Wiki software MediaWiki) which Wikipedia also uses the same to derive income. The hosting service makes use of advertisements, sold content, and also publishing content from users to make income. Fandom is apparently a global entertainment media site where you can read news on entertainment.

Fandom - A Global Entertainment Media |

Furthermore, comes with different services and features to provide members with the latest entertainment content, trending games, movies, and lots more. Also, the hosting service introduces a Wikia community that comprises of various online encyclopedias that are category to different subjects. Whatever entertaining contents posted showcase on the Wiki homepage. Most of the entertaining content users have interests on is found in the popular fiction franchise of film books, movies, and others.

Features and Services of Entertaining Contents on Fandom

Just like I mentioned earlier, the services come with various features and services provided by Fandom. But, basically, Wikia is an entertainment website where you can discover trending news and updates from various entertainment sources. However, entertainment sources from categories such as TV, movies, games and more.

  • Games: under the game page, you can access the latest news from your favorite game consoles such as PlayStation, NINTENDO, PC Gaming, Xbox, and more, Also, get news from your favorite games such as Call of Duty, Fallout, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Honest Trailers and more.
  • Movies: this section provides you with the latest news entertainment on movies from DC, Marvel, Disney, and lots more. Likewise, find stories concerning your movies such as Birds of Prey, Harry Porter, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Pokemon, Black Windows and more.
  • TV: under the Wikia TV, you can see what news is trending concerning tv shows such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Star Trek, The 100, Walking Dead, Arrow, etc.

In addition, you can also explore other features of the Wikis entertaining content on topics such as Animation, Fallout, Fortnite, Comics, Netflix, The CW and more. However, in other not to leave you out on interesting topics from your variety tv series or movies, you register to the service.

How to Register to Fandom Website | Fandom Sign In

First of all, the Fandom meaning different from the subculture composed definition. The Wikia site is actually a global source of entertainment distribution that provides you an explorative, contributive and get the latest news concerning the world of pop culture.

To Join Wikia:

  1. Go to on your web browser.
  2. Then, click the human icon at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Register to sign up for Fandom.
  4. Select your preferable mode of registration either with Email, Google account, Facebook or Twitch.
  5. Then, provide answers to each text question.

To Sign in to Fandom:

  1. Click Sign in on the homepage.
  2. Sign with your email address and password.
  3. Also, you can sign in with Facebook, Google account and Twitch.

In summary, the Wikia entertainment service is also available on the mobile phone. The Google Play Store and the App Store is compatible with the Fandom app for you to download for free on your mobile phone