Facebook Pause the Development of Instagram Kids

Is Instagram introducing a new version of the Instagram app for kids? At what age should a child get Instagram? However, a lot of people are not aware that Instagram is planning to introduce a kid version of Instagram known as Instagram Kids.

Facebook Pause the Development of Instagram Kids

Yes, Instagram Kids will be introducing to kids around the world where they can communicate with family and friends. Instagram thinks building a social media networking app for kids is the right thing to do. However, the app will be built with huge security features or build-in with parental supervision to produce kids. This Instagram kid is quite similar to Messenger Kids.

Currently, the development of Instagram Kids is on hold so as to build a convenient Instagram experience for kids under the age of 13. The development of Instagram Kid to help tackle some problems of kids lacking the basic tools of socializing with people, the discovery of new things, and more.

Therefore, Instagram saw this as an opportunity in providing a parent secure way. In which kids can be on a social media platform like Instagram with the introduction of Insta gram kids.

The platform is build-in with parental supervision tools in other to monitor activities and also have control over features on the app. Here are similar questions asked for millions of people that are concern about Instagram for Kid.

Is there a kid version of Instagram?

Yes, the development of Instagram kids is currently on the way. But right now, Facebook has plus the development of the app due to pressure from Lawmakers and parents groups. The plan for the launch was suspended. Based on the fact that lawmakers and parents’ groups suggest that the introduction of the photo-sharing app might cause an effect on young people’s mental health.

Facebook is trying to reason with parents, experts, policymakers, and also regulators. In lecturing them on how the importance of this project helps in developing the child today.

Is Instagram Safe for 10-year-old?

In case you’re worried about the safety of your kids.

However, it is advisable that every parent should be worried about what their child does online. In terms of the security of kids on the platform, Facebook is introducing a feature known as Parental Supervision Tools. This allows parents to be able to supervise the activities of the kids on the platform. At the same time, this gives you 100% full control of every activity. Whereby you have the power to approve and disapprove of anything.

what get should a child get Instagram

Initially, to join Instagram, you need to be 13 years and above. But Facebook is thinking outside the box, and the version of Instagram for Kid will not be like the same as Instagram today. Moreover, Instagram for Kids is not designed for a younger children but is meant for tweens between the age of 10-12. Above, parental permission is required to sign up for the platform.

Parents can monitor their children’s activities from time to time on the app and also monitor who can communicate with them. As well as who can follow them or people they can follow, and more.