Facebook Messenger App – Messenger App Free Download | Messenger App for Facebook

Facebook Messenger App for Desktop: How can I download Messenger app for Desktop. Learn how to Download Facebook Messenger app for Desktop. Today, Facebook just launched the Messenger app 2020 for macOS and Windows 10 to video chat and voice call through the desktop. Above all, the introduction of Messenger for Desktop allows you to stay connected with families and friends around the world in face-time. Currently, people are now using messaging apps to stay connect with people they love.

Facebook Messenger App - Messenger App Free Download | Messenger App for Facebook

The Messenger app has only been subjected to Android and iOS devices. But now the Messenger app is not only available for mobile devices but accessible on Windows and macOS. According to the records shows that more than %100 increase in the use of desktop to audio and video call using the Messenger web. Now that the Messenger app is accessible in macOS and Windows it offers you unlimited access for video calls and free group video calls. Check out some of the features of the Messenger app for Desktop.

Features of the New Messenger Desktop App for Video Calls and Chats

The new Facebook messenger app for desktop comes with the same feature as the mobile device. Here are some of the popular features of the new messenger app desktop.

  • Group video calls on a larger screen: this provides the most convenient way to communicate with family and friends on a bigger screen.
  • Easy to connect: for the new Messenger app desktop 2020, you don’t need to have a contact with the person before you can connect with them.
  • Multitasking: This is another level of communication where you can easily access different tasks all on one screen.
  • Notification: from your desktop, you can easily receive notification on new messages and also quick access to your chat.
  • Sync Chats across mobile and desktop: this will enable you not to miss out on calls or messages that matter the most.

Above all, the new version of the Facebook messenger for desktop offers you exclusive feature that includes dark mode and GIFs. You can get the app right now from the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store to download the Messenger desktop app.

How to Download Messenger App for Desktop

How to download Messenger app for desktop is simple, you can download the Messenger for Windows and Mac. The need to get the app on your desktop allows you to use Messenger on Windows and also on macOS. Here is how to download the messenger app.

To Download Messenger for Windows:

  1. Go to the Windows or Microsoft App Store.
  2. Then, click on Get to download the app.

To Download Messenger on MacOS:

  1. Open the Apple App Store.
  2. Finally, click Get to download.

Keep in mind to download the Messenger app for Windows require running on Windows 10. That’s all you need to download the Messenger app on Desktop.