Facebook Mentorship – Facebook Group Mentorship | Facebook Mentorship Program

What’s the Facebook Mentorship and how can I create a Facebook Group Mentorship? Currently, reports show that over 200 million people belong to a particular group on Facebook. Many people create groups of different purposes that include engagement in different topics that matters to them. Recently, FbIntroduces Mentorship to Facebook Groups which makes it easier for members to achieve their goals by connecting with people that have already passed through the stage or someone who has the experience to help achieve their goal.

Facebook Mentorship - Facebook Group Mentorship | Facebook Mentorship Program

Nevertheless, about the last two years to three years, Facebook announces the Mentorship at the Social Good Forum for the coming of the Fb Group mentorship. This group is said to bring people together in one community or existing community where they can connect with mentees in the group. However, the way the Fb mentorship works is quite simple, the group admin needs to create a mentorship program and people that sign up for the Mentorship Program are matched with their respective mentors or mentees.

How to Become a Mentor on the Facebook Mentorship

First of all, mentorship is accessible to a selective number of groups. Therefore, members of the group can select their choice of mentorship partner in other to receive one-on-one support. In other to become a mentor or mentees:

  • From the Facebook Mobile app, click on the menu icon.
  • Then, select See More and click Sign up under the option Become a Mentor.
  • Fill out the information needed to set up your mentorship program.
  • Lastly, click Save.

That’s how to create a Fb mentorship program and you will receive a notification when someone is interested in your mentorship. Then, you can decide whether you can be a mentor to that person by clicking on Offer to Mentor by accessing the option People Looking for Mentorship.

How to Find a Mentor

To find a mentor, the required age is from 18 or older can be able to offer or request mentorship. The process of signing up for the Mentorship is simple, all you need to do is visit the page and click request mentorship to find a mentor.

  • Likewise, open Facebook App.
  • Click on the three-horizontal menu.
  • Click on See More and also click on Find a Mentor.

Finally, you can click on the option Send messenger in other to send a request to join the mentorship program of the people. However, you can use the search filter to also find more groups to join. Afterward, the people will offer you the request to join the Facebook group mentorship program.