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CFA Scholarship

Earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is a prestigious accomplishment that validates your investment analysis expertise and unlocks a world of career opportunities. But the CFA program’s cost can be a hurdle. This is where CFA scholarships come in!

The CFA Institute offers scholarships to help individuals pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. These scholarships can significantly reduce the cost of the CFA Program, which includes enrollment fees and exam registration fees. There are several different scholarships available, each with its own eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

Earning the CFA charter is a valuable credential for investment professionals. It demonstrates a commitment to ethics, education, and professional excellence. Scholarships from the CFA Institute can help more people achieve this prestigious designation and advance their careers in finance.

What are CFA Scholarships?

CFA Institute offers various scholarships to financially support aspiring CFA charterholders. These scholarships can significantly reduce program fees, making the CFA program more accessible.

Types of CFA Scholarships

The CFA Institute offers several scholarship programs to assist individuals financially as they pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. These scholarships can significantly reduce the financial burden of the CFA Program, which includes enrollment fees and exam registration fees. Here’s a breakdown of the different types available:

Access Scholarship

This scholarship targets individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford the CFA Program due to financial constraints.  It’s open to those not currently registered for an exam.

Women’s Scholarship

Designed to encourage women to enter the investment profession, this scholarship is available to women who are interested in pursuing the CFA Program but require financial assistance and haven’t registered for the CFA exam yet.

Student Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for students enrolled in a university affiliated with the CFA Program. They are nominated by their academic institution for this scholarship.

Professor Scholarship

Full-time professors actively teaching finance or related subjects at a university or college can apply for this scholarship.

Regulator Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to employees of entities that supervise or regulate the investment management industry.

Media Scholarship

Although currently not listed on the CFA Institute website, there have been instances of Media Scholarships offered in the past. These were most likely aimed at journalists or individuals working in media who cover financial markets and could benefit from a deeper understanding of investment analysis.

Benefits of CFA Scholarships

Here are two main benefits to consider when looking at CFA scholarships: financial aid and access to the CFA Program.

Financial Reduction in Cost

The primary benefit of a CFA scholarship is the significant financial aid it provides. The CFA Program involves enrollment fees and exam registration fees for each of the three levels. These costs can add up quickly and become a barrier for some aspiring CFA candidates.  A CFA scholarship can help offset a large portion of these program fees, making the CFA designation more attainable for a wider range of individuals. The Access Scholarship, for instance, completely waives the enrollment fee and reduces exam registration fees by a substantial amount.

Increased Accessibility to the Program

By reducing the financial burden, CFA scholarships open doors for a more diverse pool of candidates to enter the CFA Program. This can benefit the finance industry as a whole by bringing in individuals with varied backgrounds and perspectives. Scholarships like the Women’s Scholarship specifically address the underrepresentation of women in finance, while the Student Scholarship encourages promising students to pursue this career path.

Overall, CFA scholarships play a crucial role in increasing accessibility and promoting diversity within the CFA Program.

Eligibility for CFA Scholarships

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the scholarship type. Generally, they consider factors like financial need, academic background, professional experience, and affiliation with a participating university (for student scholarships).

The Application Process

The application process typically involves submitting an online form along with supporting documents like transcripts, financial aid documentation, essays, and letters of recommendation. Deadlines vary, so check the specific scholarship program you’re interested in for details.

Maximizing Your Chances of Winning

  • Demonstrate Financial Need: Clearly articulate your financial constraints and how the scholarship will make a significant impact.
  • Highlight Academic Achievements: Showcase your academic excellence through strong transcripts and relevant coursework.
  • Craft Compelling Essays: Essays are your chance to tell your story, highlighting your passion for finance and career goals.
  • Seek Strong Recommendations: Secure supportive letters of recommendation from professors, employers, or mentors familiar with your academic and professional qualifications.
  • Apply Early and Thoroughly: Don’t wait until the last minute. Ensure your application is complete, well-written, and submitted before the deadline.


Who is eligible for a CFA Scholarship?

Eligibility varies depending on the scholarship type.  Generally, scholarships are for candidates facing financial hardship (Access Scholarship), students/faculty at participating universities (University Scholarship), or industry professionals involved in GIPS standards or regulation (GIPS Standards and Regulator Scholarship).

How do I apply for a CFA Scholarship?

Visit the CFA Institute website for details on each scholarship program and application procedures.  Applications are typically submitted online through the CFA Institute portal.

What are the deadlines for applying for a CFA Scholarship?

Deadlines vary by program.  The Access Scholarship has two application windows per year, while others may have rolling admissions or specific deadlines. Check the CFA Institute website for current deadlines.

How are CFA Scholarships awarded?

Scholarship applications are reviewed based on eligibility criteria and may involve essays or recommendation letters. Decisions are communicated by email within the specified timeframe for each program.

Can I receive multiple CFA Scholarships?

No, you can only receive one CFA Institute scholarship per exam level. If awarded multiple scholarships, the most recently awarded one will apply.


CFA scholarships offer a valuable pathway to reduce the financial burden of pursuing the CFA Program. By understanding the different scholarships available, thoroughly preparing your application, and exploring additional funding options, you can significantly increase your chances of achieving your CFA goals. Remember, a scholarship can be the key that unlocks your journey to a rewarding career in finance.

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