Cartoon Yourself – How to Turn Yourself into a Cartoon | Cartoon Yourself App

How can I make a cartoon character of myself? How to make a cartoon of yourself is simple, nowadays, many people actually don’t seem to go into creating a real photo of themselves. Instead, turn their real-time photo to cartoons characters of themselves. However, if you’re looking for an application that allows you to turn yourself into an animation. In this article, we will highlight some of the cartoons yourself app on how to turn yourself into a cartoon.

Cartoon Yourself - How to Turn Yourself into a Cartoon | Cartoon Yourself App

Furthermore, there are lots of designed application that allows you to use your real photos to represent yourself as cartoons or an avatar. Initially, there a free and paid app where you can make a cartoon of yourself. Moreover, photos and videos are the two factors that increase your awareness and also your followers. Instead of snapping pictures and post them on social media, there are hundreds of avatar apps that offer free online caricature makers and a sketch effect where you can make your picture an avatar. However, you can view the lists of apps to make cartoon of yourself.

Top 5 Apps to Create Cartoon of Yourself for iPhone

On the contrary, taking a nice picture at a convenient spot actually makes it easy to create a better avatar. There are lots of selected number that allows you to take a nice composed shot where you can use the cartooning features to produce an interesting result. Here is the list of interest carton yourself apps to use


One of the applications to make an animation of yourself is ToonCamera. The app is most effective on the iPhone and allows you to make your picture an anime of yourself through the provided feature on the app. Not only does the app turn your picture to cartoons but it also transforms your world into an animation. You can download the ToonCamera App from the App Store on your iPhone.

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

This is another application that allows you to make yourself a cartoon but in high quality and high-resolution images. The cartoonist editing app transforms your real-time picture to funny cartoons, caricatures, and sketches on your iPhone or iPad. However, you can use Clip2Comic for free or opt for the premium plan.

Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon

On the contrary, Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon is another fascinating application that turns your picture into cartoons, sketch images, or drawing witch just a click of the button to create an instant work of art.  There are over 19 effects that allow you to make your face an anime.

Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit

This is also a photo editor maker creator app that allows you to create an impressive anime filter on your image. The application actually converts your photo to cartoons by using the free features that enable you to convert to your image into animation.

Moment Cartoon Caricature Cam

This is another application if you want to make yourself into an anime, you can also use the Moment Cartoon Caricature Cam. The application is integrated with a magical effect on its camera that turns pictures to cartoons. You can use the application for free and you can work with the tools to make cartoons character.

List of Best Photos to Cartoon Yourself App for Android Devices

The following list of devices mentioned above allows you to create a cartoon version of yourself on the iPhone and iPad. However, the following animation apps are also compatible with Android devices as well. Other devices you can also consider to use includes:

  • Cartoon Yourself app
  • Painnt – Art & Cartoon Filters
  • MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
  • Cartoon Photo Editor
  • Prisma Photo Editor
  • Cartoon – Cartoon Photo Editor

All the following applications are accessible on the Google Play Store and App Store where you can download the app to create cartoons of yourself. Also, you can try out the FilmoraPro video which is editing software that allows you to cartoons yourself.