Best Movies on Amazon Prime – 30 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

Which movies are good to watch on Prime Video or what best Amazon Prime movies to watch? Lists of 30 best movies on Amazon Prime to watch right now. Amazon Prime Video is one of the top-rated streaming services over the internet where you can stream thousands of movie and tv series as a subscriber. Without a doubt, the biggest streaming service over the internet is Netflix and you can start watching movies and tv series for just $8. Prime Video cost for $12.99 to stream new movies on Prime Video.

Best Movies on Amazon Prime - 30 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

In the meantime, there are lots of exciting movies or new movies to watch on Prime Videos. Most times, it’s very difficult to select out the best movies on Amazon Video based on the fact that, all movie on Prime Video is considered to be top-notch movies to watch. Therefore, the list of a good movie on Prime will be labeled on top-rated movies and also movies that are best recommended to watch.  

Lists of 30 Best Movies on Amazon Prime

First of all, movies on Amazon Prime are known to be a movie that attracts members to watch. However, if you’re a Prime membership, you can enjoy watching the following movies which include the list of new movies on Prime video to watch.

  1. The Big Sick.
  2. Midsommar.
  3. Hereditary.
  4. Knives Out.
  5. Manchester by the Sea.
  6. Logan Lucky.
  7. The Report.
  8. The Farewell.
  9. Inside Llewyn Davis.
  10. Honey Boy.
  11. A Quiet Place.
  12. The Handmaiden.
  13. Lady Bird.
  14. Eighth Grade.
  15. The Last Black Man in San Francisco.
  16. It’s a Wonderful Life.
  17. You Were Never Really Here.
  18. The Vast of Night.
  19. The Cabin in the Woods.
  20. Independent Lens I Am Not Your Negro.
  21. A Simple Favor.
  22. The Lost City of Z.
  23. First Reformed.
  24. Cold War 2018.
  25. First Reformed.
  26. Cold War 2018.
  27. Brittany Runs a Marathon.
  28. Paterson 2016.
  29. How to Train Your Dragon.
  30. Zodiac (film).

However, there are lists of the best movies or good movies on Prime Video to watch on Android, iOS, and also on the desktop. This list is made according to, and you can start watching by browsing through the Prime Video Movies catalog to stream movies.

How to Watch the Best Movie on Prime Video

In other to watch or browse through the best movies on Amazon Prime video, you need to subscribe to the streaming service. Just like I mentioned, subscribing to Amazon Prime Video costs for$12 per month. However, you can visit the Prime Video Movies catalog to search for movies. In other to sign up, you can go to the Amazon Prime Video official website to create an account.