Best Car Insurance for Military and Veterans in 2023

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What is the best car insurance for military or what is the best auto insurance for veterans? In this article, you can find the best car insurance for military and veterans. There are different concepts to follow when looking for the best car insurance provider and policy as a civilian or for members of military. People and families who serve or served in the United States Armed Forces have access to a wider range of car insurance options.

Best Car Insurance for Military and Veterans in 2022

Nevertheless, there are dedicated car insurance providers that best serve car insurance options to veterans and military alongside amazing discounts. According to research, USAA is the top best car insurance carrier for those who serve or served in the United States Armed Forces. There is other suitable car insurance for military members.

Auto insurance companies dedicated to only veterans and military includes all ranges of the Armed Forces such as a Sailor, Marine, Soldier, Airman, National Guard members, and others. There are cheap and affordable car insurance companies with amazing coverage and incredible discounts for veterans and military.

Best Car Insurance for Military & Veterans Members


USAA is the overall best car insurance for military & veteran members and their families. It offers car insurance coverage to does who serve or served in the United States Army Forces. Among all cat insurance companies, USAA is considered the most affordable car insurance provider only for military.

It has the best military auto insurance discounts and coverage, and the company is highly rated based on the services offered. USAA comes with discounts of up to 15% if your car is on a military base and when you’re deployed your rate reduce by 60%

USAA coverage includes liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and also incredible discounts.


Geico is another suitable car insurance for military and veterans. It offers a lot of discounts to all members of the Army Forces. It offers up to 15% discount to military and veterans as well as their families. However, the required qualification for Geico veteran’s auto insurance discounts includes membership in one of the Association of the U.S. Army, Fleet Reserve Association, or National Infantry Association.

Certain associations have entitlement to the various military discount offered by Geico. This includes the Armed Forces Benefits Association, the Navy League of the United States, the Navy Federal Credit Union, and the American Society of Military Controllers. Besides its amazing military discounts, Geico offers other benefits while on your auto insurance premiums which allows you to save money.

Armed Forces Insurance

USAA is not the only car insurance company specifically dedicated to those who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces and their families. As a matter of fact, Armed Forces Insurance is considered one of the best for veterans and retired military.

However, if you’re a veteran or retired military member, Armed Forces Insurance should also come to your mind when comparing quotes for your car insurance coverage to find the cheapest car insurance provider.

Furthermore, Armed Forces Insurance has a lot of benefits that an insurance company should have for military or veterans but the downside is that it has non-specified discounts.

Other insurance companies include

  • State Farm
  • Progressive
  • The General
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Farmers

How Much is Car Insurance for Military

On the contrary, when looking for the most affordable or cheapest car insurance for veterans or military, it is always important to understand certain factors that can affect the cost of car insurance for military drivers. Here is a table to show that.

StatusAverage annual minimum coverage premiumAverage annual full coverage premium
Active Reserve$513$1,719
Inactive Reserve$513$1,719
Pre-Commissioned Officer$513$1,719

According to reports, the average military premium for minimum coverage car insurance is $515 a year or less. While going for the full coverage, it cost around $1,720 per year based on the information gotten online.


Is military car insurance cheaper?

Yes, military car insurance is cheaper but this depends on the insurance company and certain factors. However, USAA offers the cheapest car insurance among other insurance providers.

What is the best car insurance for military?

The best recommended car insurance company for military is USAA. USAA fully known as United Services Automobile Association has been consistent in providing millions of people who serve or have served in the United States Army Forces with amazing car insurance quotes at an affordable price.

What is the best auto insurance for veterans?

USAA is the best auto insurance for veterans. Also, Geico is among the insurance companies you can try out based on their incredible military discounts.

What car insurance gives military discounts?

The list of car insurance companies that offers military discounts and veteran discounts includes USAA, Geico, Farmers Insurance, AFI, and Liberty Mutual. However, to check out the coverage and discount offers you can check online or through a local insurance agent.

Does Geico do military discount?

Yes, Geico does offer exclusive military discounts to military which include Emergency Deployment Discounts, and other military discounts that you need.

Is USAA only for military and veterans?

Yes, USAA is best served to only people and families who serve or served in the United States Army Forces. However, civilians are not allowed except for family members.