Baidu Stock – Is Baidu Stock a Good Buy | BIDU Stock Price

Is Baidu stock available for buy or what is the BIDU stock price right now? On the contrary, Baidu actually dominated the internet search engine in China. Asides from coming out as one of the largest internet search engines in Chinese it also specialized in other internet related products/services and also Artificial intelligence. Without denying the fact, Baidu appear as one of the largest AI and Internet companies worldwide. Right now, the question concerning the Baidu is that is Baidu stock a buy in the market?

On the contrary, Baidu or BIDU stock has rapidly increased to almost 50% form a high reach in April, but as for August 2019 drop to a low of 93.39. However, based on IBD Stock Checkup made us know that Baidu earning rating is 46 out of 99. As we all know IBD’s composite ranking combines certain fundamentals and technical metrics to derive a single score. However, Baidu operates in countries that basically hit with the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it’s too early to say that, this will affect the BIBU stock price.

Is Baidu Stock Right to By Now?

On the contrary, the widespread of the coronavirus pandemic has been the number one concern for investors. Currently, BIBU stock actually ranked on the number of 21 out of 63 stocks In IBD’s internet content group. Technically, the BIDU stock actually drop down and probably in the coming years, it might set to raise. Based on the information gather the company earnings was actually strong but it’s reported earning was through Dec.13. Currently, the latest earning of the company made a revenue of 28.9 billion yuan, 9.19 billion yuan in non-GAAP income. However, the Baidu stock price is said to be cheaper and investors can seize the opportunity to buy a stock by taking advantage of the state of the company.

Why is BIDU Stock Falling?

Like I mentioned earlier, the number one reason why the Baidu Stock has greatly fallen is based on the recent pandemic outbreak. Plus, most of the countries in which the platform is mostly consumed are actually hit by the same pandemic. Moreover, the company is still pushing hard for a turn around. But last year Baidu made a significant growth of 28.9 billion yuan, but the fact still remains that Baidu lots of money in that quarter. However, you can visit the NASDAQ: BIDU page in other to see more information about the stock exchange.