AWS Summit Online – About AWS Summit Online 2021

What is AWS Summit Online and how can I join the AWS Summit? In the article, you can learn more about the AWS Global Summit Online Program and how to join the community. First of all, AWS which is fully known as Amazon Web Services is part of Amazon services that offer on-demand cloud computing and APIs. To a wide range of different areas that include individuals’ companies, organizations, and lots more. AWS deals with the provision of different aspects of abstract technical infrastructure as well as distributive computing. Examples of the services offered by AWS include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and more.

AWS Summit Online - About AWS Summit Online 2021

AWS Summit Online is one of the biggest online virtual events that bring all technologists together for the purpose of connecting, collaborating and learning aspects of AWS. In other words, the event brings about a large base of the cloud computing communities together to engage in activities about AWS. Due to pandemic, this year AWS Summit will be virtual and usually comes up every year. The AWS Summit takes place in the supported country that includes Koreas, Japan, Portugal, Span, America, and others. However, you can use the next outline to search if the AWS Summit Online is open in your area.

AWS Global Summit Online Program

The AWS Global Summit Online Program is a worldwide program that takes place every year, and the 2021 AWS Global Summit will be virtualized. The event is introduced to help educate people on AWS products and Services. As well as to enhance the skill of people when required to build, deploy and operate infrastructure and applications. The online sessions will be governed by AWS subject matter experts. Also, people that have achieved the Hight of building solutions on AWS. However, this is a global summit and open to different regions. In other to see if registration is available in your region visit the AWS Summit page. Then, use the Filter to narrow down your search and click on the one available in your region.

Afterward, you can move forward to registration where you’ll need to provide some information to attend the program. Simply click on Register now and fill out the registration requirement. Also, you can get notifications when registration is open within your region. Just click on Notify me and fill out your email address, where you live and other information to get notified about the 2021 AWS Summit Online.