AvaTrade – Online Forex Trading | CFD Broker & Avatrade Investment

When talking about one of the leading Online Brokers, AvaTrade is actually recommended as online broker people can use. Since 2006 the platform has been an innovative pioneer in terms of online trading. The innovation of the AvaTrade was considered as a combination of seamless effort from financial professionals and also experts of web commerce in other to create a platform for retail traders to have the opportunity and experiences of online brokers trading platform. However, over the occupy of years, the platform has expanded greatly having over 200,000 customers who have signed up for the platform worldwide. Therefore, executing more than 2.5 million trade for a single month.

AvaTrade - Online Forex Trading | CFD Broker & Avatrade Investment

On the contrary, AvaTrade is located in over 150 countries which means it’s accessible to over 150 countries. However, the starting of the leading online broker started off in 2006 and as of today, the company’s total trading volumes have now increased to $60 billion per month. AvaTrade one of the leading international online brokers is also regarded as a forex broker which is designed with a user-oriented perspective with a combination of solid financial backing which provides a unique field of online trading. However here are the various list of services offered on AvaTrade;

Lists of Services on the Leading Online Broker Platform (AvaTrade)

On the contrary, AvaTrade comprises different kind of services which mostly are known as providing next-generation online trading tools. this includes the following:

Forex Trading:

Contrarily, Forex trading which is also called Foreign Exchange trading or FX trading is one of the most popular means of online brokers. In recent years, people started using the concept due to the growth of online brokers and other necessities.

CFD Trading:

Also, AvaTrade comes with CFD Trading which is commonly referred to as Contract for Difference. It’s a type of financial instrument that enables brokers to engage in create transactions that include underlying index, commodity contract without even you acquire it.

Cryptocurrency Trading:

Moreover, many of us are very well familiar with Cryptocurrency which is also known as digital coins. On the platform, you can engage in currency trading like trading of bitcoin, Ethereum trading, bitcoin cash and lots more.

Trading Platforms:

Although, as part of the commitment to establishing a platform and empowering people to trade and invest with AvaTrade. The leading online brokers offer different kinds of online trading platforms that include AvaTradeGo, MetaTrader 4, Automated Trading, Mac Trading and lots more.

How to Open a Real AvaTrade Account

On the contrary, there are different ways in which you can open an account. Plus, opening an account helps you to understand the platform better. You can use your Facebook account or Google account to set up an AvaTrade account.

  • Visit the link www.avatrade.ng/trading-account.
  • Select the option to create an account or fill out the following options
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number and click Create Account.

In addition, AvaTrade helps in protecting your account using unique security features. Hence, after setting an account, you can browse through the feature to understand the service better.