Amazon EBT – How to Use Amazon SNAP EBT Card on

How can I Apply for Amazon EBT or how do I qualify for it? First of all, you need to understand that Amazon does not offer applications for EBT or SNAP benefits. Instead, Amazon allows you to add your SNAP EBT card to your payment method where you can get access to free Amazon Fresh selection as well as free delivery of eligible orders. If you want to apply for SNAP Card, you can simply visit your state application portal online where you can apply for EBT Card for purchase on AMZ Fresh selection.

Amazon EBT - How to Use Amazon SNAP EBT Card on

EBT fully identify as Electronic Benefit Transfer is a card you receive when you apply for Food Stamp Benefit or SNAP. It serves as a payment method that you can use to purchase fresh grocery foodstuff from stores that accept EBT. While SNAP known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program formerly known as Food Stamp Program is identified as a federal program where eligible citizens can apply for the food purchase assistance program.

SNAP offers low or no-income people benefits or funds that they can use to purchase food from different stores including Amazon and others.

What is an Amazon EBT Card?

Amazon EBT Card is a form of payment method on Amazon where you can shop for exclusive deals and SNAP-eligible groceries. Plus, it includes free delivery and no prime membership is needed to use the service.

What is Amazon EBT Prime?

Amazon EBT Prime is one of the benefit EBT cardholders enjoys while shopping on Prime deals. For EBT cardholders and Medicaid recipients, the Prime cost $6.99/month and not $14.99. It also comes with amazing benefits that include the following

Free Delivery

Amazon EBT Prime members get to enjoy free and convenient delivery from the comfort of their homes. This includes eligible SNAP groceries.

Pay with SNAP EBT on AMZ

As a form of payment, Amazon accepts the use of a SNAP Card to pay for eligible groceries that even come with better shopping deals and free shipping available.

Keep in mind, as a Prime member, you can only use your SNAP EBT for groceries purchase and can’t be used to purchase or subscribe to other Amazon products and services.

How Does EBT Work on Amazon?

Amazon EBT works like every other payment method similar to your credit cards. With your SNAP EBT Card, you can shop for thousands of items on the platform. All you need to do is add your SNAP Card to your Amazon account.

Once you add your card to Amazon, you can explore groceries and deals on the platform. Then, enter your EBT Pin to pay with SNAP Card on Amazon for eligible items. That’s all and simple, but you need to have funds on your EBT card to order groceries and it even comes with free shipping or delivery.

Amazon SNAP Discount

Yes, Amazon offers a discount which is 50% off on eligible items. Plus, Prime cost $14.99 but now costs $6.99 for EBT and Medicaid recipients.

How to Add My SNAP EBT on

The procedure to add SNAP Card on Amazon is very simple. All you need is your EBT Foods Stamp Card and your AMZ account. With this, you can easily use EBT Card on the platform. Following the instruction to add a SNAP Card on Amazon.

  • Go to the page Add your SNAP EBT Card.
  • First, you need to sign in to your account with your email or phone number and password.
  • Then, click Sign In.
  • Add the necessary information to set up your EBT Card for payment on the shopping platform.

That’s all. Once you’ve successfully added your SNAP Card to Amazon, you can shop for amazing groceries and deals. Afterward, you can enter your EBT Pin to the qualified items.


Does Amazon take ebt?

Yes, it accepts SNAP EBT and P-EBT from various states in the United States. The only states in which it does not accept the use of the card include Alaska and Hawaii, but can be used in other states.

What are Amazon ebt eligible items?

Items in which you can use your EBT card to buy on Amazon includes fruits, vegetable, bread, and cereals. Pantry staples, loaves of bread, meat, poultry fish, and other foods. However, you can explore other items with the label SNAP EBT eligible. These are the non-food items to buy on Amazon with the SNAP card.

What is Amazon ebt sign up

The Amazon/snap/register is the page you follow to sign up for the use of the SNAP card. Follow the instruction displayed on the screen to sign up for the use of the benefits card.