3 Things You Need to Know About the New Amazon Cloud Gaming Service

Do you know that Amazon is considering building a cloud gaming service? However, in this article, you can find out more about Amazon cloud gaming. On the contrary, it’s pretty obvious that Amazon is considering moving into online streaming game platforms like Twitch, PlayStation, Xbox one, and lots more. Initially, the build-up of the Amazon cloud gaming service is unlike the normal streaming platform where you just stream online games of people playing games over the internet. But the type of software Amazon is actually building allows you to play games without the requirement of a download status or even buying a disc.

3 Things You Need to Know About the New Amazon Cloud Gaming Service

However, based on the information gotten, Amazon is set to develop the cloud gaming service and will be released as soon as 2020. The release of the cloud gaming bandwagon will set to compete with other cloud gaming companies like Google, Microsoft, and Sony. We already know that Twitch is owned by Amazon and is apparently one of the most respected & famous video gaming software in the world. Moreover, there’s no doubt that Amazon is considering moving into cloud gaming since it is one of the gigantic cloud companies.

New Amazon Cloud Gaming Service Launch Date

Basically, the release date of the cloud gaming platform is yet to be announced. But based on the resource and information gathered, the Amazon cloud gaming platform will release as early as 2020 based on The Information. However, there hasn’t been much detail aside from the broad timeline. Also, based on the Amazon job listing in reinforcing engineers suggest that the development has already begun.

Price of Purchasing the Amazon Cloud Gaming 

Likewise, the pricing or cost of purchasing the Amazon cloud gaming platform hasn’t been released yet. But based on the suggestion, the prices of the platform are likely to be competitive with the currently available streaming services with the like of PlayStation. However, subscribing to the SONG service cost about a fee of $11.99 per month. While purchasing the game streaming service should be around $20 per month. Moreover, Amazon provides a slew of hardware products which makes it substantial that it could offer a game controller similar to the Stadia.

In addition, Amazon Prime subscribers have the privilege of having a taste bud of the cloud gaming platform immediately after the platform comes out. As many of us are aware, amazon offers all prime use a free perk of Twitch and even offers a free year of Nintendo online service.

What Games Will be Available on the Platform

On the contrary, the type of games available on the platform has not been made known to the lover of the service. However, it’s too early to suggest the kinds of games that Amazon plans to introduce on its streaming services. But the Amazon gaming cloud will include a complete roster of online games. In summary, all you need to do is stay connected on the platform to find out more when the Amazon Cloud Gaming officially launches.