AIICO Insurance – How to Apply for AIICO Car Insurance

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AIICO Insurance is practically one of the leading financial and insurance companies in Nigeria. Based on the market-leading services it offers to members. However, AIICO Insurance was initially established in 1963 as an insurance company. Whereby, providing insurance services, pensions management, and also asset management. However, the insurance company has achieved a great milestone in 2017. In becoming the leading insurance industry in Nigeria. Based on the fact that AIICO Insurance has N21Billion Gross Premium Income, Claims Paid of N23Billion, and Total Assets of N92billion in 2017.

AIICO Insurance -How to Apply for AIICO Car Insurance

Nevertheless, AIICO Insurance provides different kinds of services. Some of its business like include Life assurance & annuity, General Insurance & Special risks. Plus, Pension management, Health insurance, and also asset management. AIICO Insurance is a joint agency of American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) in 1963. Later on, the company was formed into a legal corporation, registered and licensed in Nigeria. So as to be called American Life Insurance Company Limited. However, the company then rebranded its structure and renamed it American International Insurance Company Limited (AIICO).

List of AIICO Insurance Services to Members

On the contrary, insurance companies are always on the part of providing members. With financial solutions and insurance coverage on every part of your life. Moreover, it’s important to ensure certain aspects of your life. This includes business, travel, family, car, and others to cover unforeseen events that might occur unexpectedly. However, here are some of the services:

Auto Insurance

Moreover, there are some things you can’t prevent, accident is actually one of them. Therefore, in other not to lose lots of money on accident car. The Auto Insurance provided by AIICO offers cover or loss your road accident and others.

Travel Insurance

Above all, the company also allows you to enjoy every single moment of your trip with Travel Insurance. However, this actually makes your trip stress-free, and also covers expenses of trip cancellation, health emergency, and lots more.

Health Insurance

In the meantime, one of the insurance services that make the company outstanding is the key business line of Health Insurance provided to members. However, you can apply for the Health Insurance and let the company take care of your health issues, and other medical areas.

Above all, we also have services such as AIICO Pension Management, AIICO Asset Management, and other areas as well. Hence, you can find out more about the company while exploring the website in the next outline below

How to Apply for AIICO Car or Auto Insurance Services 

Nevertheless, AIICO Insurance’s main objective is to ensure the life and property of millions of people in Nigeria. Therefore, providing services that include Life Insurance and Retirement Services. Also, the insurance company is practically the leading market. In terms of life insurance and retirement services and also a leader in Non-Life Insurance in Nigeria.

To apply for AIICO car insurance:

  • Firstly, go to scroll down, and click Buy Now under Auto Insurance.
  • Then, select an option provided on the Auto insurance.
  • Afterward, you can select your plan and enter the require full-up details.

In summary, at the top of the AIICO Insurance homepage, you can also find exciting insurance categories. Hence, you can use the following step to apply for the various services provided by the insurance company. Either travel insurance, mortgage protection plan, fire & burglary insurance, and lots more.