Affordable Health Insurance Texas – Best Cheap Health Insurance in Texas 2022

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What is the best affordable health insurance in Texas or how can I get affordable health insurance in Texas? If you have the following question in your mind, you’re in the right place to get the best guideline to find the most affordable health insurance quote in Texas. In the meantime, The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made health insurance cheaper, with this you can find affordable health insurance coverage. The ACA is profitable to people that couldn’t afford or qualify for health insurance in the past.

Affordable Health Insurance Texas - Best Cheap Health Insurance in Texas 2022
Affordable Health Insurance Texas – Best Cheap Health Insurance in Texas 2022

Searching for cheap health insurance is simpler than before, where you can go through the following to get coverage:

  • An insurance agent
  • An insurance company,
  • Your employer
  • The Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Also, government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.

However, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, one of the cheapest health insurance providers in Texas. It offer you the cheapest health insurance coverage plan which is the MyBlue Health Silver plan. You need to understand that health insurance plans and cost varies based on country. For example, in 37% of Texas county, Blue Advantage Silver HMO serves as the most affordable silver plan. An alternative option is the FirstCare Prime Silver HMO. The best way to find the cheapest or affordable health insurance coverage plans is to shop around and compare their rates.

Best Health Insurance Plan in Texas

On the Texas health insurance exchange, you can easily search for the best cheap & affordable health insurance plan. There you can sort out the cheapest health insurance and also subsidized policies. Here is the breakdown of the best cheap health insurance coverage in Texas:

Cheapest health insurance coverage based on plan tier

In other to find the best health insurance plan suitable for your preference or the best coverage that suits you. Therefore, you need to compare the Texas policies by plan tier and from there you can easily sort out the cheapest health insurance plan suitable for your needed coverage.

Plan tierCheapest health insurance planMonthly cost
CatastrophicChristus CHP TX Catastrophic$260
BronzeBlue Advantage Bronze HMO, 301$323
Bronze ExpandedMyBlue Health Bronze, 402$316
SilverMyBlue Health Silver, 405$400
GoldMyBlue Health Gold, 403$380

Health insurance provider and health coverage plan vary based on county, therefore the following lists mentioned above does not cover every region. However, we recommended you use services like an insurance agent or the health insurance marketplace to find the best and cheap health insurance plan.

Best cheap health insurance companies in Texas

In the meantime, there are 10 health insurance companies you can find on the Texas state exchange. Here is the list of cheap health insurance companies in Texas in which you can visit to compare their rates and plans.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
  • Christus Health Plan
  • Community Health Choice Inc.
  • FirstCare Health Plans
  • Celtic Insurance Co.
  • Oscar Insurnance Co.
  • Molina Healthcare of Texas Inc.
  • Friday Health Insurance Co. Inc
  • Scott and White Health Plan
  • Sendero Health Plans Inc.

How to Find the Best Health Insurance Coverage in Texas

When looking for the best health insurance coverage in Texas. Aside from just shopping around and comparing their rate. It is important that you take note of the following factors that include:

  • Expected health care cost for a period of year.
  • Amount of saving when an unexcepted emergency occurs.
  • Household income.

Likewise, when looking for a health insurance plan, the Gold plan is suitable for those that need expensive medical care. Silver plans are recommended for average or low-income earners. While bronze and catastrophic plans are considered best for the young and healthy.