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Do you dream of a career in accounting and the prestigious title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? If you live in Ohio, you’ve come to the right place! Find information about the Accountancy Board of Ohio, including licensing requirements, continuing education, and disciplinary actions.

Accountancy Board of Ohio

Why Become a CPA in Ohio?

CPAs in Ohio enjoy a rewarding career path with excellent earning potential. According to, accountants and auditors in Ohio have a median annual wage of [insert latest median wage data], with the top earners exceeding [insert data on top earners’ wage]. Beyond salary, CPAs¬† experience job security and career advancement opportunities.

Understanding the Accountancy Board of Ohio

The Accountancy Board of Ohio is a state agency responsible for regulating the accounting profession within the state. They ensure CPAs meet rigorous education, experience, and examination standards, protecting the public interest. Their website serves as a valuable resource for licensees and aspiring CPAs. You can find it here:

What does the Accountancy Board of Ohio Do?

The ABO performs several crucial functions:

  • Licensure: Examines and licenses CPAs, licenses PAs, and registers public accounting firms.
  • Regulation: Enforces the Ohio Revised Code and Administrative Code regarding public accounting practices.
  • Discipline: Investigates and takes disciplinary action against licensees who violate regulations.
  • Consumer Protection: Safeguards the public by ensuring CPAs and PAs meet competency standards and adhere to ethical codes.

Steps to Become a Licensed CPA in Ohio

Becoming a licensed CPA in Ohio involves fulfilling specific requirements set forth by the Accountancy Board of Ohio. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process:

1. Education Requirements

Earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely related field from an accredited institution. The program should encompass a specific number of accounting credit hours mandated by the Board.

2. Pass the Uniform CPA Examination (CPA Exam)

The CPA Exam is a rigorous four-part computer-based test covering auditing, accounting, regulation, and business environment. The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) administers the exam.

3. Complete the Accounting Experience Requirement

Ohio requires candidates to obtain at least [insert number] hours of verified work experience under the direct supervision of a licensed CPA. The experience must involve tasks relevant to the accounting profession.

4. Apply for a CPA License with the Accountancy Board of Ohio

Once you meet all the requirements, submit a complete application package to the Accountancy Board of Ohio. The application process typically involves fees and background checks.

Additional Considerations

  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE): To maintain your CPA license in Ohio, you must complete ongoing CPE courses to stay updated on the latest accounting standards and regulations.
  • Moral Character: The Accountancy Board of Ohio considers your moral character during the licensing process. Any criminal convictions or disciplinary actions may impact your eligibility.

Valuable Resources


What are the qualifications to become a CPA in Ohio?

To become a CPA in Ohio, you must meet the education, experience, and examination requirements outlined by the ABO. Refer to the ABO website for specifics

How do I verify the license of a CPA or PA?

You can verify the license status of a CPA or PA through the Ohio eLicense system

What are the continuing education requirements for CPAs and PAs in Ohio?

The ABO website provides information on CPE requirements for maintaining licensure

How do I contact the Accountancy Board of Ohio?

The ABO can be reached by phone.


Following these steps and utilizing the provided resources, you can successfully navigate the path to becoming a licensed CPA in Ohio. Remember, the journey requires dedication and hard work, but the rewards are substantial. With a CPA license, you’ll unlock a world of exciting career opportunities and contribute to the financial well-being of individuals and businesses in Ohio.