AAA Membership – Explore AAA Membership Plans & Membership Benefits

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How can I be an AAA member or is AAA worth joining? Find out more about the AAA membership and the benefits of becoming a member of the American Automobile Association. AAA fully known as American Automobile Association is basically known as a federation of motor clubs. It’s a private own not-for-profit association with over 50 million members in popular countries like the United States and Canada. One of the benefits of becoming a member is access to wide services that include roadside assistance, and more.

AAA Membership - Explore AAA Membership Plans & Membership Benefits

Becoming a AAA member, you eventually become a member for life. This simply implies that your AAA membership is a membership for life. For AAA membership, the benefit that comes with it includes discounts on products and services, deals at place to shop which includes restaurant deals, hotel deals, movie tickets, etc. Likewise, you can get the AAA on your mobile phone which serves as an effective tool to find the nearest cheap gas station, and also find travel information, AAA Diamond rated hotels and more. Also when you need roadside assistance or auto repair or AAA tow truck, you enjoy the privilege as a member of AAA.

Why Join AAA? Benefits of AAA Membership

The benefits of AAA membership are the reason why you need to join American Automobile Association. There are lots of benefits offered to all AAA members. This includes roadside assistance, auto repair, and more. Also for AAA membership, you get to enjoy amazing services, discounts, that come with no extra charge.

Acquiring your AAA membership card is your passcode to enjoy an unforgettable experience at home, when you travel and when shopping. Some of the benefits of American Automobile Association Membership include:


The benefits you enjoy include auto repair, vehicle protection plan, driver training, auto insurance, and, mobile battery service.


Your AAA membership card offers you a universal discount pass where you can enjoy amazing discounts when shopping or traveling.


Another benefit in which American Automobile Association membership enjoys is access to enhanced financial security, providing purchasing power, and also lending services.

There are a wide range of benefits to enjoy under home, insurance, membership renewal, roadside assistance policy, travel, membership refund policy, and member benefits.

AAA Membership Costs  

There is three-tiered membership offered by AAA. However, the pricing or cost of AAA membership depends on where you live and also the type of plan to select from.

AAA Classic Membership: $52-$74/yr

  • Fuel, flat, tire, and more.
  • It offer you four tows.
  • Up to $50 car lockout.

AAA Plus Membership: $85-$124/yr

  • Free fuel delivery.
  • Free password photos
  • Four tows
  • Higher lockout limit of $100

AAA Premier Membership: $118-$170

  • $10,000 identity theft insurance.
  • One-day free rental car with tow.
  • 200-mile tow
  •  $150 lockout reimbursement for car or home.

These are the following benefits included in the various type of American Automobile Association membership. Keep in mind, it depends on your region, membership might come with other services such as driving lessons, auto loans, and more.