AAA Insurance for Car – How Much is AAA Car Insurance a Month?

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AAA auto insurance is one of the top providers of car insurance in the United States available for members to join. However, you can find out if the AAA insurance for cars is worth joining. In the meantime, AAA fully known as American Automobile Association serves as a federation of motor clubs that offers members in countries like the United States and Canada a wide range of services, including roadside assistance, auto repair, traveling, and more.

AAA Insurance for Car - How Much is AAA Car Insurance a Month ? | AAA Auto Insurance Review 2022

AAA insurance for cars comprises different insurance companies that operate under the name AAA. This is why it’s known as American Automobile Association. To be able to acquire a car insurance policy from the service, you need to become a AAA club member. Also, aside from enjoying the benefits of becoming a member, other insurance service offers include home and life insurance. For those looking for car coverage, take a quick view of this insurance review and how to get an insurance quote.

AAA Insurance for Car

AAA known as American Automobile Association is an association that comes with separate and regional insurance companies that offer you car insurance coverage. All this comes from works and operates on the same names and logos. AAA offers you amazing incredible insurance coverage for cars similar to other larger insurance companies. Plus, AAA is popularly known for its automobile coverage. it Isurance for car policy offers members a wide range of auto coverages.

Some of the most popular or largest AAA auto insurance companies include:

  • Auto Club of Socal
  • Automobile Club Group
  • CSAA Insurance Group

There are the following list of insurance companies on AAA that offers you a wide variety of auto insurance coverage.

Type of AAA Car Insurance Coverage

According to reports from advisers, it is important that you understand what car insurance coverage you need and the necessary details to purchase it. For some states, you need car insurance before you can drive a vehicle. The most common type of auto insurance coverage offered by AAA includes:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists
  • Medical payment coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Personal injury protection
  • Rental reimbursement coverage
  • New car coverage.

These are the following list of insurance coverages offered by AAA. Keep in mind, that most of this insurance coverage depends on the state.

How much is Triple A car insurance a month? Cost of AAA car insurance

If you’re wondering how much is triple A car insurance a month, however, according to reports, AAA insurance rate varies bases on the quality of the drivers either seniors, teens, or college students. AAA insurance for car cost an average of $576 yearly or annually and $48 per month. Some of the factors that affect AAA car insurance rates include the quality of the driver such as driving record, experience, location, states, insurance history, and more.

AAA Car Insurance Rates

AgeAverage Annual Cost of Minimum Coverage

Why is AAA Insurance so Expensive?

Why is AAA car insurance so expensive? The reason why AAA offers expensive insurance coverage is due to the fact that it doesn’t set up its own insurance policies. All the insurance companies on AAA operate independently and AAA sells insurance policies written by different companies. This is more of the reason why the rate is expensive.

Also, some of the factors that allow AAA insurance to be more expensive include certain characteristics of drivers. Plus, young drivers and drivers that have been involved in accidents also affect the rate.

Get an Insurance Quote

Getting a AAA auto insurance quote is very simple. You can either get a AAA insurance quote online or through an agent. Visit the Car insurance page and enter your home ZIP to find the right AAA Club website. Under Get your free quote: select Auto. Then you can fill out the requirement to start your auto quote. Likewise, at the box where you can get your auto quote, you can view an AAA insurance agent phone number where you can call an agent.

AAA Auto Insurance Customer Service

Does need help with your membership or any other things relating not only to AAA auto insurance but other insurance offers by the AAA? The AAA insurance customer service is right there for you which provides you with the assistance or help you need if it’s a road service assistance. Simply visit the AAA Auto Insurance Service to find a way how you can contact customer service.