15-year Mortgage Rates – Current 15-year Mortgage Rates Today

What are the best 15-year mortgage rates or what are the current 15-year mortgage rates? When applying for a mortgage, there are different years that come with it. We have the 15-year fixed-rate, 30-year fixed-rate, and others. Each of these comes with its own benefits and also disadvantage. However, a 15-year mortgage rate allows you to save more money for a long time because the benefit includes less payment in total interest than on a 30-year loan. For those that want to buy a home or refinance your home, it is suitable to compare the current 15-year mortgage rates across various lenders within your location to find a suitable one.

15-year Mortgage Rates - Current 15-year Mortgage Rates Today

As of today according to the report, the national average 15-year fixed mortgage APR is down at 3.420% compared to last week was at 3.470%. While for the national average 15-year fixed refinance APR is down at 3.350% compared to last week which was at 3.440%.

Current Mortgage and Refinance Rates


ProductInterest RateAPR
15-year fixed-rate3.400%3.420%
15-year fixed-rate jumbo3.430%3.470%
30-year fixed-rate4.100%4.070%


ProductInterest RateAPR
15-year fixed3.340%3.350%
15-year fixed-rate jumbo3.340%3.370%
30-year fixed-rate4.080%4.050%

Best 15-year mortgage lenders


Better.com popularly referred to as Better Mortgage is known to be one of the best online mortgage lenders with amazing benefits that include access to rate quotes within a second, preapproved for 15 years, and more.

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation is also listed among the top online lenders that not only offer 15 years fixed rate mortgages but also enjoy several types of loans. You can visit the website to check the fixed rate for 15 years and 30 years.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

In the United States, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is ranked among the top 10 best mortgage lenders. It’s accessible nationwide and has branches in over 40 states in the United States but not in Alaska or West Virginia. Accessible loans include conventional and government loans, and more.

Rocket Mortgage

Without denying the fact, Rocket Mortgage is considered the biggest mortgage lender that offers members a wide range of purchase and refinances options. The service also offers members a flexible term product known as “YOURgage” which enables borrowers to have access to create terms of their loan. However, you can visit Nerdwallet or Bankrate to stay updated with the current mortgage rate.